jewelry box make over


If you have a pair of earrings that you never wear, or a box full of jewelry that isn’t “you”, but you can’t get rid of… let me at it. We will come up with some fabulous ways to redesign and make beautiful, comfortable, happy designs for you to wear or gift.




Also, you might consider a Jewelry Box Makeover:

We review your jewelry
You receive a photograph & detailed list of all jewelry left in my care
I inspect your jewelry for missing prongs & loose stones
I test jump rings & clasps to make sure they are not compromised
Your jewelry is cleaned & polished
Your jewelry is photographed again
Your jewelry is returned to you wrapped in anti tarnish paper, looking like new~
We discuss your attachment to outdated styles, giving you redesign options

Pricing starts at $4.00 per piece (a pair of earrings is ‘a piece’).
Larger or more complicated designs are between $5 – $10.

If you are unable to schedule an appointment at my studio please contact me for shipping instructions.           215-542-7570

Keep in mind, handing down a family treasure, no matter how expensive it may have been, is a wonderful way to honor a member of the next generation. If you have a special ring, bracelet or pendant you would like to gift to someone, considering having it cleaned & prepared for the occasion.

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