past designs


Below are images of designs circa 1990 – 2017

For more images from Amy Ragsdale Design Facebook click here





  seasalt     wedding bands     sterling guardian cuff     fortis

sterling coquettes 2016     ribbon of mercy     necklace too     wave cuff

earrings one     rings     earring three     14k Girlfriend Bangle

wysteria necklace     wild belt buckle     Cinderella Necklace     website one1

champage rectangle     coquette earrings     pendants on white     Sophia bracelet

wishes come true     coquette     companion cuff 14k     rear window bracelet in quartz crystal

sterling & mystic topaz necklace     champagne earrings     peace leaf site     manhattan Pendant large

coil bracelet     ph balance sterling      coil cuff      14k yellow earrings

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