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statements testifying to my work

“I’m going all Ragsdale in L.A.”
C. McLaren

“I am so excited to invest in a great, symbolic piece of jewelry!”
P. Butterworth

I have been sending jewelry pieces to Amy for years for repair and restoration of my “old” jewelry-
always beautiful and never disappointed! Can’t wait for this package to arrive . Thanks Amy!”
D. Richardson

“This just brought tears to my eyes — I didn’t know there was such thing as excitement tears!!
Thank you very much, Amy. I can’t wait to give it to her!”
B. Dixon

“Thank you so much Amy.  My sister said the pieces are gorgeous and that I will love them.
So excited to see!”
J. Johnson

“Awesome & absolutely stunning!
I can’t tell you how many people have commented on my necklace.”
M. Strickland

“Amy’s energy and life perspective is transforming and addictive.  She has an empowering gift which is
passed through in her jewelry. I always feel better wearing a piece of Amy.”
R. Heffern

“Thank you again for your artistic vision, splendid work, and all the heart
you put into our rings. It matters to us a lot.”
C & D

Sterling Menopause Ring