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Through Love

“Through Love all that is bitter will be sweet,
Through Love all that is copper will be gold,
Through Love all dregs will become wine,
Through Love all pain will turn to medicine.”

A long, long time ago, last week, late afternoon, my telephone rang and at the other end was a man whom I have known for over thirty-five years. It was somewhat unusual, since I might receive a call from him once a year, if that. I slid my glass of wine across the kitchen counter and headed into the living room, settling myself on the baby blue couch with a fan oscillating quietly behind me. This is a call I’ve been waiting for. The man proceeded to tell me a story.

“A couple of days ago I was playing aerobie with some friends. I was in bare feet and I messed up my toe”, he started off. “Which toe?” I asked. “Big toe.”  “Which foot?” “Right foot.”

His story continued. “So for the last couple of days I’ve been dealing with this pain and I’m thinking it might be turf toe, which is a sprain of the ligaments around the joint. Nothing too unbearable, but pain. This morning when I woke up, I did a body scan and damn, the pain was still there.”  I took a sip of wine and thought, that’s cool, he does a body scan in the morning. “Then, tonight I decided to grill dinner for the boys”, he spoke in a slightly annoyed tone, “and since nobody else ever thinks of dumping the grease catch, I had to.”

My mind gets ahead of me and I remind myself that cold grease never hurt anyone. He kept talking, “I walked over to the bushes at the ledge to dump the grease and as I am standing there I see a hornet just sitting a few feet away, minding its own business. When the pan was empty I turned to head back to the deck and with that, the hornet makes a bee line for my toe and sings me.” “Which toe,” I ask. “Big toe.” Which foot?” “Right foot.”

“No shit”, I smile and get it.

“Yeah”, he says, “that hornet could have stung me anywhere. My arm, my neck, my leg, my other foot, another toe. But I knew as soon as it started moving, my big toe, right foot was getting it. And you know what?, the pain in the toe went away immediately.”
The kid knows his medicine~

I will never be able to adequately articulate the love I have for that man. Drew is my first child. He taught me Universal Love. His call last week reminded me that ‘through love’ is the way I want to be living my life. Thank You Drew.

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