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Designing For You

Handcrafted Jewelry

This is all about handcrafted jewelry.
Your Signature Piece.
A design that empowers you, encourages you, and celebrates you.
A symbol that is a reminder of a person, a place or a prayer,
that is part of your healing, loving, living journey.

The Amy Ragsdale Design client is a person who embraces
their singularity and enjoys presenting themselves in a way that honors it.
Simply said, they are in touch with their genuine nature.

Steering away from mass marketing, I have been able to offer a finite number of pieces each year.
This strategy is by design, since I am committed to growing the business organically,
ensuring that the hand made creations I offer exude the element of exclusivity.
Offering mass-produced, production line jewelry would be incongruous
with who I am, and what I want my jewelry to represent.

All consultations are complimentary.

The following images are of past creations.
We can create something similar for you, or design something that is uniquely yours.
There is an ever changing assortment of earrings, necklaces, bracelets,
anklets, cuff links, belt buckles and rings in the studio.
Private Trunk Shows, are available in my Studio
or at your location (home/office).

Handcrafted Jewelry That Radiates
Singularity, Enthusiasm & Exclusivity.

 Sterling and Gold Guardian Cuffs


Handcrafted 14k Deliberately Single Earrings
14k Deliberately Single Earrings


Handcrafted Jewelry Sterling Silver SeaSalt Necklace
Sterling Silver SeaSalt Necklace


Handcrafted 14k Girlfriend Bangle .Hand Engraved
14k Girlfriend Bangle. Hand Engraved


Sterling Recess Ring with Blue Topaz
Sterling Recess Ring with Blue Topaz


Handcrafted Vermeil Champagne Earrings
Vermeil Champagne Earrings


Sterling Wysteria Knot with Kaslo River Stone on Leather Cord
Sterling Wysteria Knot with Kaslo River Stone on Leather Cord


Sterling Coil Cuff
Sterling Coil Cuff


14k Cowboy Ring with Stones
14k Cowboy Ring with Stones


Sterling Coquette Earrings with Black Oynx


Sweet Jane Spiral Earrings


Sterling Manhattan Pendant

Please consider the above images as a starting point for your singular creation.
I am happy to review images of jewelry that you admire or once had,
for inspiration on a design that is all yours.
Also, keep in mind that I use Harmony Metals
and environmentally friendly methods in my studio.
Thank You.