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how much?

how much“It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.” Charles Spurgeon


You may wonder why a woman who sells jewelry for a living would encourage you to think twice before you purchase it.

The pause I am persuading you to take is the pause in which you can reflect:

Does this piece resonate with me?

Unless, of course, if you are purchasing jewelry as a gift, the question would be: Will this piece resonate with the recipient?

And that is a two-point question.

The first point to consider is necessity. As a culture that has been lead to believe we not only need everything, but we can have it all, I am here to tell you… we don’t and we can’t. There is a price to pay for desiring, acquiring and storing all these things. Many an article has been written about the mental, ethical, practical and physical toll that wanting/having “it all” is taking on our society. Having discretion and patience will help clear your mind, heart and living space.

Second point is sincerity. I want you to recognize the feeling in your gut when you know, just absolutely know, that the piece you picked up is genuinely yours.

When we resonate with something, or someone, it creates harmony. There is a chord which is struck and the result is a synchronous gravitational relationship. And I believe it is within that relationship we regain our sovereignty.

Do I believe that there may be a bracelet that helps you heal? That comfort can originate from a sterling pendant? Or a gold ring can help recall a moment of support or guidance? Not exactly, but I believe that when you wear something that resonates with you, the inspiration for healing, comfort and guidance is inevitable. And I believe that you know this too.

Next time you shop for jewelry for yourself or for a gift, please pause. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and try to feel the spirit of the artist and the essence of the design. If there is nothing there, put it back. If it makes you smile, buy it.

We don’t need a ton of jewelry, we need jewelry that is sincerely ours.


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